High-Quality Headshots and Comp Cards for Talent

Are you in need of a beautiful headshot or comp card to complete your portfolio? CLIX provides clients with an affordable option of enhancing their acting or modeling portfolios with headshots, comp cards and much more! When your big audition comes along we want you to be prepared with everything that you need and not be blindsided by requirements and rules that are not easy to deliver upon at the last moment. Our Talent Division services allow our clients to project their professionalism and potential. We offer many options to fit your needs, no matter what age you are. Please see below for all of the services we provide to help you with these unique steps and give you a comprehensive experience. Give us a call today at 763-657-0239 to schedule a session with our headshot photographers and learn more about our Talent Division services.

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Composite Card Information

If you’re an actor or model, you should consider adding a professional comp card to your portfolio. Comp cards are an excellent marketing tool for aspiring actors and models. These additions can provide casting directors with a visual summary of your personality and range. Our comp cards are designed, sized and printed to adhere to industry standards, but also be unique to you.

If you think a comp card would make an impactful addition to your portfolio, contact CLIX today. We offer affordable rates that allow you to get a variety of looks in your collection for a price you can work with. Give us a call at 763-657-0239 to learn more about our packages and pricing.

Professional Headshots

No artistic portfolio is complete without a professional headshot. At CLIX, we provide our clients with high-quality actor headshots for an affordable price. We can help you achieve a photo that exemplifies your unique personality and portrays the message you want to convey. As you have already seen above, we offer a variety of options for headshots. The longer the session, the more images you will have access to so you can fill your portfolio and also interchange when necessary.

To learn more about our headshot services, or to schedule a session, contact us today.

How to Prepare For a Headshot Session

Your headshot can provide casting directors and hiring managers with a first impression. Additionally, a headshot can go with your biography in a music or art program. Your headshot should communicate your personality and professionalism to any onlooker.

To achieve the perfect actor or actress headshot, you should take the time to prepare for your photoshoot. There are several steps you can take to prepare for your headshot session.

  • Select Your Clothes Ahead of Time
    Taking the time to pick out your shirt ahead of time can save you from the stress of selecting an outfit the morning of your photoshoot. You should pick apparel you know will best exemplify your abilities and professionalism. You should also avoid shirts with busy patterns and distracting features. Selecting the right outfit will allow your headshot to serve you better.
  • Clean Yourself Up
    You don’t want unsightly stains, food particles, and overgrown facial hair taking away from your headshot’s potential. Make sure you take the time to properly clean and prepare your face and body for your session. You want to maintain a clean and attractive appearance in order to maximize the usefulness of your headshot.
  • Get Proper Sleep
    When you skip out on sleep and proper hydration, you run the risk of showing up to your headshot session with uneven skin and dark circles under your eyes. In order to achieve the best skin possible, you should get plenty of sleep, water, and nutrients prior to your photoshoot.

Contact CLIX For Your Headshots and Comp Cards Today

At CLIX, we understand the importance of a strong headshot and comp card and everything else it takes to be successful at auditions. We work with our clients to help them achieve the visions they want while also providing them with expert advice and guidance.

To schedule a Talent Division photoshoot, contact CLIX today at 763-657-0239. As a professional acting headshot photographer, we forward to assisting you in maximizing your portfolio’s potential!

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