Maternity Photography in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Welcoming a child into the world is one of the most meaningful experiences life has to offer. These days, more and more parents are deciding to document their journey from pregnancy to birth by hiring a photographer for maternity and infant photos. If you’re considering this path as well, we’d love to help you preserve the memory of this time in your life and capture the emotions so you can look back on them as your child grows.

As a Mom-owned business, we understand that not every woman feels at her best during her pregnancy. But here’s a little secret for the moms-to-be who are reading: You. Are. Beautiful. Silence that negative voice in your head, because you are a woman bringing a new life (or two or more?!) into the world, and that is truly remarkable. We encourage you to scroll through our gallery below – a lot of the women you’ll see were also feeling less than confident before their maternity session. But once they got in the CLIX studio, our team made them feel comfortable and beautiful. We promise to do the same for you!

When you’re ready, contact us to schedule your maternity photoshoot. Whenever possible, we recommend scheduling it in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy (when Mama’s belly has a nice round shape and she’s not SUPER uncomfortable). If you’d like to go ahead and schedule a follow-up infant photoshoot as well, we can take care of that too so you can focus on nesting.

  • Before scheduling an appointment for your maternity photoshoot, we recommend looking at galleries online to get an idea of what you’d like to accomplish during your session (Pinterest is a great resource).
  • If you have any preferences on backdrops, share those with us when making the appointment so our team can have them ready to go for you.
  • If you don’t have any expectations, you can discuss ideas with the photographer when you arrive for your appointment.
  • Plan a few different outfit changes, choosing clothes that show off your bump. Some moms want the bare belly photos wearing a skirt or jeans with a bandeau top, while others prefer to be covered. It’s up to you! Dress for your comfort level.
  • We recommend seamless undergarments so no lines show up on film.
  • Pack any makeup or hair products you might need. If you have the budget, we recommend having your hair and makeup done professionally so that you feel extra confident and beautiful.
  • Remove any tight clothes and elastic bands from your body at least two hours before the start of your session to allow any marks to disappear. Come to the session in comfy clothes or a loose dress so your skin stays smooth.
  • Lather up before your maternity photoshoot. Apply a nice, luxurious lotion to your belly and body about an hour or two before your session to minimize dry skin/redness.
  • Pack any items you want to include in your photos, such as ultrasound printouts, baby shoes, tiaras, etc. CLIX has chalkboards and blocks if you want to reveal the baby’s sex, due date, or name!
Maternity photography can be an extension of a family session, or an individual session for the mom-to-be, which means timing varies. The standard studio appointment at CLIX is one hour; we plan for about 20 minutes in the studio camera room and then about 40 minutes in the private viewing room. That being said, we will certainly book more time as needed.
The standard studio process at CLIX:
  • Arrive for your session. Meet your photographer and discuss expectations.
  • Capture great images in studio.
  • Move to a private viewing room to view and order prints. In most cases, images can be available same day or next day. We print all photos on site!
  • Don’t have time to view/order? With a deposit, images can be loaded online for viewing at home.

Capturing Life’s Moments is Our Passion

Whether you’re about to have your first child or your fifth, life as you know it will never be the same after the baby comes. Click here to schedule a maternity photoshoot today and capture this special moment in time before it’s gone.

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