For children, preparing for school picture day can be a stressful time for everyone. Thankfully, we're going to offer some tips that can not only make the day run smoothly, but make such an event significantly less stressful than it needs to be. Here's a look at how to prepare for picture day.

Before The Big Day

It's important to let your children know the night before that tomorrow is picture day. Explain to them that you plan on giving this photo as a gift to family and friends, so they need to present themselves the best they can for the picture. It's also important to tell your child they need to listen and cooperate with the photographer so they can get the best photo possible. Make them aware that a "good listener" tends to get a better photo taken of them.


To prepare for the photos, have your child…

●        Wash their hair the night before photo day. This way their hair will shine for the photo.

●        Wear a solid colored shirt for picture day. The shirts with cartoons can wait until the day after picture day.

●        Avoid busy prints, and wear a color scheme that complements the eyes to help make the photo pop.

On Photo Day

It's the big day, and your child is about to have their picture taken. Depending on their age, there might be a few precautions you'll have to take beforehand:

●        Before your child has their photo taken (if you're not there), encourage them to comb their hair, button their clothing, and make sure they don't have any breakfast stuck on their face before they go in for their photo.

●        Encourage your child to listen and be kind to the photographers. They need to be treated with respect just like any adult to ensure the photo looks great.

●        The photographers are professional, so they'll have no problem making your child smile because it's their specialty. If you happen to be present for the photo, there's no need to stand behind the photographer and encourage your child to smile. This only complicates the process and there's no need for it.

Considering the information above, there are plenty of ways your child can get the best photo on picture day. Thankfully, Clix Portrait Studios can to do exactly that. We have over a decade of experience working with schools to provide the best school pictures. Contact us today for further information!