Professional photographs are an amazing way to document a special time in life shared with family. Every family dreams of finding the perfect photograph that can be proudly displayed and shared with family. Unfortunately, sometimes getting the entire family to cooperate for just the right picture can be a challenge. Below, let's go through some simple tips to get the best possible family photos.

●      Have a Plan

Be sure to have a full plan that is thought out before the day of your photographs. Make sure you know what everyone will wear and give yourself plenty of time. It can be helpful to do a trial run prior to photo day just to make sure everyone's clothing fits well and everyone in your family is comfortable. Finding out the morning of your photos that a shirt doesn't fit is not a good way to start the day. Be sure to leave yourself extra time to get ready; the last thing you want to do is rush, leave the house in a frenzy, and arrive to your photo shoot on edge.

●      Communicate

To facilitate the best photo shoot, be sure to communicate your expectations and challenges with the photographer. It might be helpful to describe the type of photos you like and don't like. You also want to communicate the personalities and challenges with your family. If the photographer understands the best way to approach your children, he or she will be able to create a comfortable and cooperative environment.


●      Eat Ahead of Time

Anger from hunger is real, and it can get the better of us. Be sure to have your entire family eat ahead of time. If you or your children are hungry prior to the photo session, meltdowns are likely to occur. Happy, full family members make the best subjects and are more likely to be comfortable wearing formal clothing and posing through the day. As a pro tip, be sure to eat in clothing you do not intend to wear for the photo shoot. A spill or stain is a perfect way to derail the day.

●      Relax

Most importantly, remember to relax. Capturing family photos is an enjoyable time to spend with your entire family. You want pictures to look stress-free and natural. If you come into the photo shoot stressed, it will be apparent not only on your face, but your family's faces, as well. Have fun with the day and understand that any picture that includes your family is going to end up perfect.


At Clix Portrait Studios, we want to capture a moment in time that will last forever. Having photographs with your entire family is a way to document a fun time shared with your children. Our studio is dedicated to capturing just the right photo to allow you to proudly display your cherished family. Schedule a session today!