Ready to show off your beautiful family above your mantle? Professional photos are an excellent touch to make your house feel more like a home. However, children don't always love picture day. With proper preparation, you can increase your chances of capturing a stunning photo of your entire family.


Here’s what you can do before you arrive to ensure a smooth picture day for your family:


1.      Feed Your Children Before Arriving

Whether you schedule your appointment after breakfast or lunch, or decide to give your children a late meal on the day of your photos, always arrive at the studio with your children's bellies full. You may want to bring a snack and drink in order to keep them content the entire duration of your appointment. Make sure you choose drinks and foods that won't stain their clothes if they spill.


2.      Pick the Right Clothing

While you may want your children dressed to impress, they might not find the clothes and hair styles you choose comfortable. It's important to dress your children in nice clothes, but take into consideration their comfort levels. They definitely won't take a good picture if they're digging at their trousers or squirming in those tights. It may help to let your children have some say so regarding what they wear. We can capture more of your children's personalities when they're content and feel like they're actually part of the photo shoot. 


3.      Schedule Your Appointment Around Naptime

You've probably had issues with your children throwing tantrums when they were tired.  You'll have these issues on picture day, too, if your children don’t take naps before the photo shoot. It's best to schedule your appointment either in the morning or after nap time. Make sure your children go to bed on time the night before.


4.      Bring Supplies

You might think a photo shoot is quick, so you can get by without having to pack a diaper bag. This isn't always the case. If you have a baby, make sure you have diapers and wipes. Always pack a spare outfit no matter the age of your child. Accidents happen. It doesn't matter what age your kid is; you should bring baby wipes. They help get small marks off of their hands and clothing.


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