Although you may have enough on your mind when it comes to bringing a child into this world, hiring a Minneapolis maternity photographer to take photos of your pregnancy wouldn't be such a bad idea. Whether getting creative or simply taking glamour shots, maternity photos have been a fantastic way to document the very early beginnings of a child's life. Here's a look at a few of the many reasons why you should hire a photographer to take maternity photos.



Capturing Memories Of Your Pregnancy

Picture of a pregnant women


This is obviously a no-brainer, but many women have photos taken to remember what it was like to carry their child. Many have the photos taken a few months after they first find out or a few months prior to the due date. Regardless, the photos are taken before you had your child, which is a life-changing event.


Capturing A Celebration

Pregnant mom celebrating with her child


Many expectant mothers claim to feel their absolute best leading up to the birth. However, some do struggle with body and/or health issues before the child arrives. Regardless of how you may feel, a professional photographer will make you look absolutely phenomenal no matter what. Some expectant mothers have had their significant others take photos of the progress, but most wish they had hired a professional to make the photos really stand out when showing friends or family.


Capturing Anticipation

A child exited about meeting their new brother or sister


When it comes to a pregnancy, nerves in the family are high. So when it comes to having a photographer on hand to take photos, why not involve everyone who will play a part in the child's life? Your parents/soon-to-be grandparents? A single child who is about to have a new sibling? There's a lot of great photo ideas that can come out of such situations, so why not take advantage of your journey and have some fun!


Some expectant moms bring their partner to be in the photos, others give them photos as a surprise gift. One soon-to-be mom asked CLIX to capture photos just before her due date and then gave them to her husband at the hospital with a note saying, “Remember when we were one... now we are two people!”


Capturing The Foundation

Family picture touching mom's pregnant belly


Pregnancy is a fantastic time to reflect and examine why you chose to start your family. Whether you happen to be a first time parent, or if you’re on your second or third child, you'll be able to look back fondly at the history of your family in your maternity photos.


Hiring a professional photographer in the Minneapolis area to take your maternity photos is an excellent idea. Thankfully, Clix Portrait Studios is here to do exactly that! Contact us today to schedule your next session.