The difference between a plain photo and a photographic portrait that looks like a masterpiece is partially accomplished by the professional use of lighting in a photography studio. The skilled photographers at Clix Portrait Studios use dynamic studio lighting that is of the correct color tones, brightness, and placed properly to make the people and families we photograph look spectacular.


Great Lighting Makes Great Shots

Properly lighting a subject is critical to get the best shots. Lighting design takes a bit of scientific engineering, which means the photographer needs to have the correct lighting equipment and understand how to use it. The skills required also include a bit of artistry, which means having an eye for creating a nice aesthetic look with the help of the lights.


Adjusting the lighting and using multiple lights is part of the process that helps create attractive contrasts between light and shadow. It helps if the portrait subjects wear clothes that blend together nicely with muted neutral tones of grays and blues, mixed with whites. It is better if the subjects avoid wearing super bright colors and clothes with complex patterns on them. This helps the facial features of the people to have prominence in the shot instead of the outfits.


Ignore the Goofy Antics of the Photographer

Child photography has the extra element of needing to help the children be comfortable and bring out a pleasant look on their charming faces through a positive emotional response. It’s not easy to photograph children because it takes a great deal of patience mixed with the ability to rapidly set up the studio lights for a shoot and catch that excellent photograph no matter when the charming look arises on the child’s face.


It is quite usual for the photographer to make funny faces, act silly, and do goofy things to get the children to smile. If adults are in the shot, their job is to try to hold position and keep smiling, while the photographer puts on a crazy show for the kids. A family portrait session can be really fun. Just keep smiling, no matter what.


A Treasured Family Heirloom

A family portrait photography session is a special event that creates a beautiful heirloom for the family to have as a remembrance and to pass down the generations. Many of the clients of Clix Portrait Studios are so happy with the results that they order multiple copies of the best photographs and a big enlargement to be nicely framed to be put on display in their home. When we capture a great shot, we enjoy seeing those happy smiles when the clients first see the photograph.


It is easy to create an appointment for a family or child portrait, simply call 763-657-0239 or go online to schedule a session.