Planning a child photography session is exciting, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of slightly stress-inducing thoughts — Will my child smile on command? Will she have a meltdown mid-session? What if I can’t get my child to take a nap on photo day?! At CLIX Portrait Studio, we know preparing for a toddler photoshoot can be tough, so we had our child photographers compile a few useful tips to help you out! 


Dress Your Child in Comfortable Clothes

If your child isn’t thrilled about her outfit, that distaste will definitely shine through in photos. So make sure you dress your child in something she actually likes to wear! That may mean foregoing headbands and hairclips, but trust us when we say — a happy kiddo makes for a far better photo than accessories ever will! Here are a few other helpful wardrobe tips:


●        Decide on outfits before the day of the photo session.

●        Consider dressing your child in your chosen outfits prior to the photo session to see how she handles the clothing.

●        Dress your child according to the weather.

●        Make sure you bring extra outfits — just in case!


Feed Your Child Beforehand & Brings Drinks and Snacks

How hard is it to calm down a hungry toddler? Avoid a hunger-induced meltdown by feeding your child prior to the photography session. A full belly equals a happy toddler, so make sure you bring extra snacks and drinks, too! Just be sure to opt for small, highly portable foods that won’t make a mess.


Avoid Scheduling a Photo Session Around Nap Time

Most toddlers get a little bit (or very) cranky around nap time, and who can blame them? Even adults get a bit grouchy when they’re tired! And since a discontent, tired little one doesn’t usually make for a great photoshoot, don’t schedule your session around nap time! It’s important to make sure your child is well rested before you arrive at the studio or on location.


Try not to let your child nap in the car, either. Toddlers usually need a little bit of time to wake up fully and adjust to their surroundings, and yanking a sleeping little one out of his or her comfy car seat usually ends in disaster. In most cases, little ones require at least 30 minutes of warming up after they’ve had a brief nap to be ready for taking pictures, so keep that in mind!



Practice Makes Perfect

Last but not least, consider having one or more pretend photoshoots with your toddler prior to your scheduled session. Child photography is a little tricky, but if you introduce your little one to the idea of taking pictures through pretend play, you’ll help her get used to the idea of sitting for the session. Many little ones even get so used to the idea that they think the real deal is actually playtime! And a happy, playful toddler makes for a very successful photoshoot!


Schedule Your Child Photography Session With CLIX Portrait Studio

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