It’s finally summer in the Twin Cities, which means it’s the perfect time to schedule your family portraits! At CLIX Portrait Studio, it’s always been our goal to help you and your loved ones capture life’s special moments. We truly believe there’s nothing more special than the bond you and your family share, and below, we’ve got seven helpful tips to help you plan a joyful, memorable family portrait session.


Get Your Kids Involved

When you know you’re scheduling a family portrait, let your kids in on the action! Getting your kids involved in the planning process helps them feel excited about the photos rather than shy and apprehensive. Plus, brainstorming ideas for your family portrait is half the fun! Your kids may have a few ideas of their own they’d like to try out, and you never know — they might come up with some fun, creative poses and locations that have never crossed your mind!


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

On the day of your family portrait, make sure you block off plenty of time to get everyone dressed, fed, and ready for the big event! You don’t want to arrive at the studio or on location feeling rushed and stressed because oftentimes, those emotions will translate into your photos. If you’re planning to have your hair and makeup done, factor in additional time — just in case your salon runs a bit behind schedule.


Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good

Wearing uncomfortable clothing during any photo session is the worst — no matter how great it looks on camera. Uncomfortable clothing not only makes you feel self-conscious, but often, that emotion translates into your photos, too. The same holds true for your children: dress them comfortably, but make sure their outfits are cohesive with yours!


Bring Backup Outfits

It’s always a good idea to bring a change of clothes for everyone involved in the photo. If you’re planning an outdoor photo session, there’s no controlling the weather, so plan accordingly. Too, if your children accidentally dirty their clothing, you won’t want that to show up in your final prints.


Moreover, even if you painstakingly plan your own outfit, you never know how it will translate on camera or fit in against your chosen backdrop. Not sure which colors work well with your photoshoot location? Our photographers are more than happy to help — just ask!


Bring Snacks and Drinks

Do you have young children? Then don’t forget to bring sustenance to your photo session! Hungry, thirsty kiddos typically don’t do well during family portraits, but a few quick and easy snacks can quickly quell a hunger-related outburst.


Just make sure you choose snacks and drinks that are non-staining, easy to eat, and that won’t get stuck in your teeth! That said, if someone does have a snacking accident, you’ve got your backup outfits at the ready, right?


Consider Bringing Special Props

Does your family enjoy any special activities together? Why not bring a few of those props with you? Including items from your favorite activities can help set your kids at ease during the photo session. Even better, using props adds a fun, lighthearted element to your photos that can help showcase the way you and your family naturally interact.


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