Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a new family member! And to commemorate those precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments, there’s nothing more beautiful or lasting than newborn photographs. As a mother-owned photography company, our team at CLIX Portrait Studio deeply understands how momentous a new child is. And to help you perfectly immortalize your baby’s first weeks, below, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips for preparing for a successful newborn photography session.


Keep It Warm!

Naked babies get chilly very quickly, so be sure to select a location where you have total control over the temperature during your photography session. If you choose a studio session, we always adjust the temperature accommodate your little one’s needs. However, if you plan to take in-home photos, be sure to turn the temperature to about 80 °F approximately 30 minutes before the session begins.


If you plan to take nude baby photos, here’s another helpful tip: Loosen your baby’s diaper several minutes before the photo shoot. Loosening the diaper helps soften diaper lines, which eliminates the need for photo retouching after the session.


Bring Supplies for Feeding & Diaper-Changing Breaks

Brand new babies almost always need to take a feeding and diaper-changing break during newborn photography sessions, so don’t forget to bring your supplies! Many, many babies also become fussy during photoshoots, but a quick cuddle, a feeding, and a diaper change can usually turn the situation around.


To help ensure a smooth session, try to feed your baby prior to your scheduled time slot, if possible. A quick snack or a full meal can help quell any fussiness and put your little one in the mood for a relaxing nap. A happy belly equals a happy, model-ready baby!


Plan for Props & Wardrobe Changes

If you have props you’d like to include in your photos, make sure you bring them! The options are virtually endless when it comes to photo props, but many parents list these as their favorites:


●        Wedding rings

●        Keepsake stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets

●        Family heirlooms

●        Knitted hats and matching socks

●        Baskets or crates

●        Holiday props, if fitting

●        Hobby-related items


As well, plan to bring a few different outfits for your baby. Many parents opt to bring diaper covers or bloomers, simply because diapers often appear a bit boring in photos. Ultimately, though, always choose the wardrobe pieces that stand out to you! As long as you can change your chosen wardrobe pieces without prompting too much fussiness, they should work just fine! 


Prepare Family Members

While your little one will certainly be the star of the show, including family members in a few photos can be a nice touch! Whether you’ll just be including Mom and Dad, or you plan to include brothers, sisters, or grandparents, make sure everyone is prepared! Plan your outfits ahead of time, outline expectations for your other children, and be sure to bring snacks, drinks, and supplies for small children who’ll be attending the session.


Keep Calm & Don’t Stress!

Despite extensive planning and preparation, sometimes, newborn photography sessions simply don’t go as planned. Do your best not to stress! Babies are adorably unpredictable, but they can absolutely sense your stress and agitation, so do your best to remain calm and collected, no matter what happens. We can always reschedule if the star of the show gets too fussy for comfort, so for the smoothest experience possible, plan for the best, but expect the unexpected!


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