Do you need professional headshots for your business profile? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At CLIX Portrait Studios, we want your professional photos to establish you as an authority in your field, and to achieve that, you’ll need to come well prepared for your session. Below, we’ve outlined several important tips that will help you prepare to take the perfect professional photo.


Plan Your Attire

Seriously, think about what you’re going to wear! You’ll want to convey professionalism, but also a sense of who you are and what you do. As such, graphic tees are a big no, as is patterned attire, since they don’t tend to turn out well in the final image. Surprisingly, stripes can also present a challenge to the eye when viewed on a screen, so if you’re planning to post the photo anywhere online, it may be best to avoid thin stripes.


Ideally, select an outfit that will enhance the image, but that doesn’t draw too much attention to your clothing rather than your face. Stay away from anything too revealing since it doesn’t appear professional, and choose a neckline that frames your face.  


Take Care of Your Hair

It doesn’t matter if you never do your hair in day-to-day life: you must take care of your hair for a professional headshot! Wear it in a style that you already know flatters your face, and if you have long hair, come prepared with a brush—you never know when it might get windy outside.


For the best photo, make sure your hair looks neat around the edges, with minimal flyaways and straggly strands. Photo editing hair is notoriously challenging, so your best bet is to perfect your style before you arrive.


Beware Shiny Skin

Studio lighting can sometimes make your skin look shiny or greasy, so be aware of that. If you have naturally oily skin, consider bringing a few blotting pads or tissues with you to your photo session to blot away excess oil. Ladies, you can also come prepared with a bit of pressed powder to give your skin a more matte appearance.


Ladies: Makeup

Ask yourself: What kind of makeup do you normally wear to work? That’s what you should wear for your photo session. In a professional business headshot, the whole idea is to appear professional and to convey what you do. Don’t opt for a bold look just because you want to stand out—this isn’t a night out; it’s your career. If, however, you normally wear bold makeup and that reflects you and your business, then by all means, rock that red lip!


Put Your Best Side Forward

Do you know which of your two sides looks best on camera? If not, it’ll benefit you to carve out a bit of time in front of your bathroom mirror. Take a look at your face: are there certain features you’re a bit self-conscious about? Do you prefer one side of your nose over the other? How about your eyes, ears, cheeks, etc.? Once you figure out which angle you like best, make sure to communicate that to your photographer on the day of your photo session. Not sure about which side is best, your photographer will be happy to help you decide! Better yet, we’ll try both!


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