Have you recently had a photo session? Having trouble deciding which images to treasure and which to toss? At Clix Portrait Studio, we know selecting your best images from a session can be a bit overwhelming. But, we also know that when you know what to look for in each photo, the process becomes a little bit easier. If you’re having analysis paralysis and just can’t seem to decide, try out these tips from our professional photographers:


Keep an Eye Out for Distractions

Is there anything in the photo that draws your eye away from the subject? Can it be edited out, or is it a deal-breaker? When you work with a professional photographer, they’ll do their absolute best to eliminate distractions from the frame, but sometimes, they happen to sneak in unexpectedly. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:


●        Intrusions. Objects like tree branches and random appendages can weaken the emotion of a shot. If they’re not super noticeable, a bit of editing may resolve the issue.

●        Bright and Dark Spots. The eye naturally gravitates toward the brightest spot in a photo, but very dark areas can also be distracting. Try to choose photos that have a good balance.

●        Mergers. When two objects overlap each other, or when the subject is partially outside the frame, that’s called a merger. Mergers can distract from the overall tone of the image, so opt for photos with deliberate positioning.


Which Photos Emulate Your Style?

Which of your photos capture your unique style and personality? Are you a happy-go-lucky type? Do you want your photos to reflect that? Or do you prefer showcasing your more serious side? The idea with any photo session is to capture the most natural, in-the-moment expressions that characterize each individual. If you feel that any of your photos just aren’t your style, opt for the ones that better reflect your identity and bring you the most joy.


Keep It Unique

Your photographer likely snapped several similar photos, all in an effort to capture the absolute best image. Even if you’re in love with three photos that are almost identical, you really shouldn’t keep all three. If too many of your photos look the same, they can make your collection lose its flair and uniqueness. So, take a closer look at each photo, find the one that best captures your personality and style, and toss the rest. Remember, you need to leave room for your BEST photos, not every single one you kind of love.


Don’t Overthink It

When it comes to selecting your favorite photos, trust your intuition. Second-guessing yourself can make the selection process far more lengthy than necessary, leaving you agonizing over every detail for hours on end. Of course, you should examine the details in each photo and assess the overall tone, but obsessing over minuscule details simply isn’t necessary. That’s what photo editing software is for!


If you’re having a difficult time letting photos go, try assigning a rating to each one. Assign a five to the photos you definitely love, a four to photos that you maybe love, and so on and so forth. Once you’ve narrowed down the pile to fours and fives, go back through the fours and get rid of any you’re not crazy about. Usually, you’ll end up with more fives than you need, which makes the process even easier!


Capture Life’s Special Moments With CLIX Portrait Studios

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