Headshots used to be for only the elite business professionals, but that’s not the case anymore. At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover,” and while the philosophy behind the phrase is easy to stand behind, it’s easier said than done. We live in a culture where first impressions mean so much, especially in the business world. Whether you are at a job interview for the first time, meeting your new co-worker, or at a networking event, you only have so much time to make a good first impression.


Nowadays, any job interview starts long before you meet with a potential employer face to face. By the time you meet with them, they have already developed an impression of you based on the content you’ve provided online. Most people are great at displaying business professional attire when they’re at the office or on the job; however, a large majority of people don’t showcase the same level of professionalism online.


Chances are, if you used a selfie-stick to take your LinkedIn profile picture, potential employers are already discounting your professionalism. How do you combat this? Hire a professional photographer to take your headshot, instead! Below are five reasons why you should hire a professional to take your headshot.


1.       Looking Professional Matters

If you’re trying to get a job, you’ll want to ensure your headshot showcases a certain level of professionalism. A good rule of thumb: dress for the job you want. If you want other people to see you and treat you as a professional, you need to look the part.


2.      Feeling Professional Matters

Having a professional headshot will make you take yourself more seriously and give you the confidence you need to uphold a level of excellency. Taking the time to reveal your worth even through a photograph will show potential employers the effort you will take within your new roles.


3.      You Won’t Be Lost in the Crowd

Recruiters and your potential future employer will see a professional headshot, and the picture will stand out amongst the other pictures that were taken with poor quality cell phone cameras. If your picture stands out, you have a higher chance of getting selected for an interview.


4.      You’ll Be Memorable

Your professional headshot will not only stand out in the crowd, but it also increases the chances the recruiter or hiring manager will remember you.


5.      It’s Now or Never

Today’s world is filled with technological advances and moves at an incredible speed, which also means contacts often don’t have enough time to read more than a couple lines of a resume. A professional headshot is the best opportunity you have to make a lasting first impression.


If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, contact Clix Portrait Studios today at 763-657-0239 to schedule a professional headshot. You’ll be hiring a modern and innovative photographer who will give you the headshot you need to make a positive and lasting first impression. Let the photos we’ve taken speak for themselves—check out our gallery. We look forward to working with you!