Family photos can be amazing keepsakes to cherish. As amazing as the final product might turn out, there is often a lot of stress that goes into planning a family photo shoot. Not only do you need to plan the wardrobe for all family members, you also need to make sure everyone is ready, help the kids get ready, maybe help your partner get ready, attempt to keep everyone clean, and try to make sure moods stay happy and cooperative—these are just a few of the things you’ll need to manage.


CLIX Portrait Studios is a mother-owned local photography company that knows firsthand what needs to be done to ensure a successful family photo shoot, and below are tips on selecting where and when to have your photo shoot.

Where and When are Important

Where you decide to have your family photo shoot depends on what you want the final photos to represent and also, what will work well for you and your family. Do you want to have your family in nature, with beautiful flowers, green grass, and tall trees? Perhaps you’d rather have an urban setting with a funky mural for a background? Take the time to think through the goal of the photos, and then decide on the location to help represent this goal.


The time of the day of the photo shoot is just as important as the location. Have you heard of the term, “Golden Hour”? The Golden Hour is the time before the sun sets where the light creates a warm glow that generates beautiful lighting for pictures. Capturing family photos in this lighting can be worth keeping your kids up later than usual. Here are some tips to help you plan where and when to have your photo shoot:


●        Take into account the personalities of your family members. If your children are distracted easily, plan for a location, such as a conservation area or somewhere that will have minimal distractions.


●        Plan the location setting, and then pick your wardrobe based on the location. Urban settings call for brighter colored clothes, whereas natural settings call for neutral and organic colors.


●        Pick a location that matches your family’s personality. If there’s a favorite spot you like to visit, that could be a great location for the shoot. Perhaps there’s a local coffee shop you stop at every morning on the way to school that could be a great setting for photos.


●        If possible, plan your photo shoot to capture the Golden Hour. Take into account the time of year, when the sunset will take place, and whether you are comfortable keeping your children up late enough to capture this time of day.


You can always choose the CLIX studio for your family photo shoot! Our studio provides a great option to capture your family photo indoors.


Once you’ve decided where and when to have your photo shoot, or if you’re struggling making a selection on time and place, contact CLIX Portrait Studios, and we can help you finalize plans and schedule you with one of our family photographers. Call us today at 763-657-0239. and we’ll be happy to work with you to get your session scheduled.