Can you think back to picture day at school? The nerves, the small comb they gave you as you waited in line, the plain grey backdrop, and the worry that you weren’t going to smile pretty enough and your mom or dad would make you retake them? Maybe you resonate with those feelings.


Remove the stress and worry for the child, and turn to a local, family-owned photographer to capture school pictures that the child and parents will cherish for years to come. Why should you choose a local, family-owned photographer? Here’s why!


1.      CLIX Portrait Studios Has Over a Decade of Experience

CLIX has been taking school pictures for over a decade. All you have to do is book CLIX, select the photo day, and CLIX will do the rest.


2.      CLIX Will Capture Great Photos

Don’t just let us tell you how great our photos are, check them out for yourself by looking at our school picture gallery.


3.      Parents Can Order Online or Send in Forms

We clear the clutter and avoid the hassle of paper order forms or having to send in checks the child might lose by utilizing online order forms. Use our simple online pre-pay option for your school’s portraits. Parents can also view and order prints online in less than 48 hours after picture day.


4.      Efficient and Fun Photographers

CLIX photographers are highly trained professionals who love children and do everything they can to make kids feel confident, comfortable, happy, and safe. The photographers have the classes come through the photo station every 10-15 minutes to allow minimal interruption from the school day.


5.      CLIX Marketplace

CLIX offers great products for both parents as well as school administration and yearbook support. CLIX Marketplace allows images to be turned into art, décor, or fun gifts at the click of a mouse.


6.      The Most Stressful Part of the Experience Will be Choosing Your Child’s Outfit

CLIX can’t tell parents how to dress their child, and we can provide some tips on how to help reduce anxiety around choosing the “perfect outfit”. Don’t wait for the morning of picture day, and instead chose a comfortable outfit that both the parent and the child agree on the night before. It’s best to avoid slogans, logos, or bold patterns.


School is stressful enough for kids, so let picture day be a fun, comfortable, empowering experience by hiring CLIX Portrait Studios. You’ll be supporting a family-owned, Minneapolis-based business, and CLIX will be supporting both the child and school administrators on picture day. To get more information about CLIX or to book school pictures call 763-657-0239 or visit us online.