Professional Headshots for Individuals & Businesses In Minneapolis

Headshots aren’t just for auditions anymore. In this digital age, the first place most professional contacts will see you is online. Having a professional headshot photo shows that you take yourself and your career seriously. Whether you need headshots for just yourself or your whole staff, put down the selfie stick and call CLIX today to schedule a headshot session at your business or our studio in Deephaven!

A nice, professional headshot is useful for many situations. Use it for your...

  • LinkedIn and other social media profiles
  • Email account
  • Personal website or blog
  • Portfolio
  • Guest posts or bylines
  • Company bio
  • Resume
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail or email marketing
  • Decide what type of images you want as a result of your photo session, and communicate your expectations with the photographer when you arrive. For example, do you want different images for various purposes? Many business professionals want a standard image on a white background, a casual image, and a unique image.
  • Bring multiple outfits. Even if you do not wear them all, it is good to have options. Plus at CLIX, we capture images in the studio and then move to the private viewing room, so you can see your images immediately. If you don’t like the way your shirt looks, we can change it and capture a few more!
  • If possible, avoid sun exposure the week prior to your headshots, drink plenty of water, and arrive to your session well rested.
For professional business photos, the average appointment takes only 15-20 minutes. We spend around 10 minutes in the camera room, and then a few minutes to view the images, select favorites, and discuss any edits or touch-up areas. After your session, the production team will make edits and send your digital images via email.
The standard studio process at CLIX:
  • When scheduling your appointment, please share any preferences about backdrops so that we can have them ready to go for you. If you do not have any expectations, you can discuss ideas with your photographer upon arrival.
  • Arrive for your session – meet your photographer and discuss expectations.
  • Capture great images in studio.
  • Move to a private viewing room to view and order prints. In most cases, images can be available same day or next day. We print all photos onsite!
  • Don’t have time to view/order? With a deposit, images can be loaded online for viewing at home.

Book Your Session Today

At CLIX, we’re always looking for ways to make our services more convenient for our customers–that’s why we offer the latest technology to help you get the most out of your images. Only 48 hours after your professional headshots are captured, you’ll be able to view and order your prints online, access digital downloads, and transform your images into a variety of art and decor with CLIX Marketplace.

For more information about CLIX or to book your headshots, please contact us today.

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